Tue Aug 19, 2003 12:51 am
Some Intel for Leon        

I don't know what route Leon's taking, but if he winds up in Nova Scotia and needs to head West (and decides to head through Canada), he will make better time traveling on the north side of the St. Lawrence river. Cross from Lévis (south side, #20) to Quebec City (#40). Montreal is a PITA, but he's done that already. From downtown Halifax to I-81 at the border near my place (HWY 401 & I-81 in NY) is about 950 miles of pretty fast riding. The speed limit on #2 (Trans Canada) in New Brunswick (about 1/3 of that trip) is 110 kph (68 mph).

When riding in Nova Scotia / New Brunswick and see a road sign that says "Keep right except to pass", THEY MEAN IT. They have these freaky three lane roads where the middle lane is used by both directions to pass. And they also flip back and forth between two, three, and four-lane divided highways. I once almost drove on the wrong side of a divided highway because of that in a snow storm once (mistook my lane for the truck weigh station). Oh, and if his map of New Brunswick is more than three years old, the line for the trans canada (#2) will be off by a few miles. The new route is shorter and he can't get lost unless he's planning on getting off in butt fuck nowhere.

#2 from Nova Scotia through New Brunswick is in really great shape, the pavement for about 200+ miles of it is four lane divided highway and only three years old. Once you're past Oromocto (CFB Gagetown), it's the old road which is twistier and still in decent shape. It's a little harrowing from Edmunston to Riviere du Loup in a snowstorm, but I image it'd be a great ride for a Ninja. Riviere du Loup in Quebec is also one of the few places along the way where you can get gas late at night... I think I filled up there after midnight a few years back.. farther east or west and you might wind up waiting 'till 6am.

Oromocto is also the only Tim Horton's on #2 for a few hours each way, and it's only a hop, skip and a jump off the road. So it's a good place to gas, pee, and grab a coffee/donut/meal. I don't know what hours they keep, but I've been there around 7am.


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