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Thu Aug 21, 2003 10:18 pm
IBR: Latest news on Leon / 10 hours to go...        

Since Leon's dropped off into nowhere land this week, one can only guess by now he's somewhere within a 700 mile radius from Missoula. A post appeared a little while ago, apparently from Leon's Parents confirming this.

A quick check of the numbers shows Missoula is 1043 miles from Monroe, SD. 16 hours at Ninja 250 pace. Since the post was made around 6pm, one can assume he left with at least 14 hours remaining (16 hours until being time-barred at 10am MT tomorrow).

He originally planned to head for Pike's Peak on the way to Missoula, but my guess is it was just impossible. One can only imagine from a rider's perspective a rally of this magnitude has gone from fun, to difficult, to nightmare, to life altering insanity.

Hopefully Leon will call in the morning, or we can get some sort of report from the finish line. Maybe Mom and Dad Begeman will post something here when they hear from him?

I have several pictures Vic Hoye got off of Leon's camera when he went through Atlanta. I'll try to get them posted tonight.


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