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Thu Aug 21, 2003 11:14 pm
Re: What I've found (From the LD list)        

This is about all I've seen of note today; The bottom post is from a Harley dealer in MN who was a bonus stop. Don't know why Leon's not on the list. Many of the other heavies are there...Roy, Lier, Outlaw, Kiecker, Taylor, Jewell, James. Notice also that Hutsal (#4) Hoogeveen (#7) and Pelland (#10) aren't there. Maybe they're with Leon?

Road report from Greg Roberts who is about 70 miles east of Missoula in a cage heading west:
Some smoke visible from the forest fires that are south of Missoula, no road closures from the eastern approach noted at this point. For folks from California, I am told that the smoke haze reminds him of LA.


Date: Thu, 21 Aug 2003 18:36:18 -0500
From: "Brett Donahue"
Subject: LDRider: AS OF 6:00

The last (I think anyway) of the riders collecting our bonus have here and gone.
37 riders in all I got pic of all but 3 and only one pic of some.

Wednesday riders were

Mike Thibodeau GL1800
Leonard Roy GL1800
Patrick Jacobsen HD Ultra with Side car
Jim Hickerson Buell S3T
Rachel Dwyer Ducati Monster
Bob Broeking ST1100
Don Angell ST1300
Russ Pagenkoph Triumph Trophy

Thursday riders were

Jason Jonas GS
Kerry Wille Royal Star
Jeff Fisher K11LT
Joe Colquitt GS
Geoffrey Green GL1200
Frank Brown ST1100
Ken Morton GL500
David Smith RT
Peter Dean K12LT
Will Outlaw GS
Marty Lier GS
John Hart GL1800
Brent Ames VFR
Scott Davis GS
Stephan Bolduc R6
Todd Witte FJR
Eric Jewell RT
Bob StGeorge GL1500
Jeff Earls GS
John O'Keefe GS
Dennis Kessler ST1300
Mark Kieker VFR
Terry Pipes Venture Royal
Paul Taylor GS
Jack Savage FJR
Eddie James GS
Norm Babcock K12LT


Brett Donahue
Donahue Harley-Davidson
Buell & Uni-go
IBA # 11493
TS # 515
CRA # 10

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