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Fri Aug 22, 2003 9:11 pm
Hooray for        

WOW. That was the least energetic he has looked in any picture. It's so good to hear that his chain of thought wasn't in as bad shape as his drive chain!
It has been a bummer of a day for me, not only did I break an irreplaceable tool (anyone know a lockshop going out of buisiness? This thing REALLY is indispensible) but after days of no 'net access at work, it gave up again right at my lunchtime.
Knowing Leon made it and seeing the picture proof made my evening.
Way to go Leon, and many thanks to Duke for the updates on his progress here on the board. My thanks to MIK for the ME photos as well.
Obviously, G-force deserves a big hand for the engine work they did too.

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