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Sat Aug 23, 2003 5:57 am
Re: IBR: 12th PLACE!        

Way to go Leon, on your TOUR DE FORCE! When I read about your single day rides, one of which was over 1500 miles, I THOUGHT you were nuts. Now that you have completed the Iron Butt, I KNOW you are nuts! Congratulations on a fantastic ride and for fulfilling a dream that you no doubt have had for some time. I can only imagine the hardships, physical and mental that you had to go through for the past week and a half and you conquered them all. Helmet's off to you, Leon.

How tempting will it be for the guy who has probably logged more miles aboard a 250 Ninja than anyone, to forsake it, buy a bigger bike and go for the victory in 2005? Can the EX500 run fast enough to knock off all the big bikes? Wink

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