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Sat Aug 23, 2003 2:53 pm
Some comments from B.A.R.F.        

Bay Area Riders Forum ;)

"Leon Begeman currently sits in 26th place of over 100 entrants in the Iron Butt Rally. He's riding a Kawasaki Ninja 250.

Seven days. 6,758 miles.

Ow. I'm not worthy."


"Now these folks are riders!!

I couldn't relate to what they're doing. I've been across the states in a car in 3 days flat and that was a feat as far as I'm concerned. But that doesn't hold a candle in the wind to what they are up to....

The logistics are what I think about when I think about these folks. One ill planned item and you're down and out.

I wonder if they see pink elephants in the middle of the road sometimes?!"


"10 days, 10,000 miles...

It would take me about 8 months, and my butt is already sored."


"Jesus! I thought I rode a lot, but compared to these guys I'm a freaking poser. "


about Leons chain problems:

"No kidding... See he doesn't have to clean his chain every 500 miles

of course, he does seem to need to change it every 10 days..."


"Amazing, Incredible and Awe inspiring!"


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