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Wed Aug 27, 2003 5:49 pm
The blue pill option was probably the worst part of the rally.        

It was particularly bad for all of the rookie riders. The choice was presented as either 1) take the red pill and you might be able to win or 2) take the blue pill so you can finish but you won't win unless all of the red pill riders fail to finish.

When it came down to the actual riding, the red pill riders got to return to the blue pill path any time they wanted to. That made it the correct logical choice. Look at what's on the red pill path - if it's not doable, then return to the blue pill route and continue to compete with the extra points already earned.

With a "Hopeless" bike, I couldn't logically choose the red pill. Since I didn't know that there were bail out points all along the way, I thought I had to stay on the red pill path permanently. Finishing was extremely important, if a rookie rider doesn't finish, the probability of getting drawn for another rally later appears slim.

I will not be riding another 250 when I try again. Butt . . . the Ninja 250 is an extremely competitive ride for many of the other Iron Butt rides. In fact, for the Feast in the East rally in October, I think the commuter 250 with the large fuel tank might be the best bike for the job. The rally bike is too heavy for the twisty roads that Brian Moody will have us riding on.

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