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Mon Oct 06, 2003 4:46 pm
Re: RIP Wiley        

Probably a maine coon but dark and white as you see on the pic... he was always stocky and could easily put up a fight with dogs or coyotes.

What's sad is I was playing with him yesterday... instead of rubbing his head against my palms he would act like a ram... trying to hit it gently.

I am mad at myself too as this morning, maybe around 2 or 3 AM, he woke me up, caughing and sounding terrible... but I was so tired I was only half awake and drifted back to sleep.

I did hold him in my arms this morning... he always felt like a small child... and I could only cry.

In the picture below he is cuddling up with Kicia, 18 month old. They always chased and played with each other... she will feel lonely tonight.

Cuddling again small.jpg

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