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Sat Jan 17, 2004 11:49 am
TORQUE Report, has a Ninja 250 in it!!        

Went to Torque last night, got in free because the club I ride with got 50 of us free tickets for haveing our bikes parked in front of the theater. Looked awsome. As for the movie, total chesse. The beggining part where Ford smokes the cars from the trailer is funny though. The best part is when they are riding through 7 level in the CA desert (where they "race the twisites"), a ride I have done more than once. Don't go see the movie expecting Speilberg, Copolla, or Kubrick, but 81 minutes of some cool riding, girls in hot bikninis, stunts you wish were possible because they look cool, and the lone apperence of a NINJA 250!! Unfortunatly it is when a guy gets thrown though a window and lands on it. A fun way to spend time but see a matinee, usually cheaper.

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