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Wed Mar 16, 2005 9:33 pm
Forum Rules -- Read Before Posting!        

This forum is strictly for announcing group rides and tracking ride schedules, updates or progress.

The forum is open for posting to registered members only.

Please do not post messages such as 'Hey, who wants to ride in such and such area'. "Announcing" means you have some idea where you are going to ride, when, and you intend to be the person organizing it.

Try to put as much information about the event as possible. A Good example:

Topic Title: Let's Ride in NoWheresVille, AZ. Sunday, June 33rd at 10 am

Where: Murphys Gas 'n Go. Corner of Route 66 and 100th Ave
When: 10 am
Why: Because it's not going to rain!
Who: All bike and riders allowed. No Squids!
Experience Levels: Novice to intermediate. The ride will be low-key. No racing, no stunts!

If you just need riding buddies -- that's not a ride, and there is nothing to announce. Go through the profiles and use email or ask on the main board who is in your area.

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