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Tue May 31, 2005 11:41 pm
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Posted: May 26 05, 3:17 am Post subject: Western Washington Group Ride To Mt. Rainier


From another board. Posted with permission from the author. It's shaping up to be a big group.

Mods, I also placed it in the West Coast events section. Please delete this post if you feel this is inapropriate.

Author: GotGixxed
Date: 05-25-05 04:16

Hi I am a member of another sportbike website, but I have visited this site and a few other sites a few times, and I thought it would be cool to get together some of the riders from the Western Washington area for a big group ride to Mt. Rainier on July 23rd. I am going to post this event on other sites also that I know about to reach as many riders as I can.

I posted this early to give everyone a heads up on my intentions for this ride, and I want to give you time to plan ahead.
And as we come closer to the ride date, I will give you an Idea on where to meet up and how many riders have committed to the ride to Mt. Rainier.

My plains so far is to meet up at the Tacoma Mall for the riders in the south sound area, and at RMC for the riders in the North, then we can all meet up at a central location and ride out from there.

When we arrive at the Rainier, I would like for us to eat lunch at the restaurant there on the Mt., fellowship and hopefully meet new riders.
If I have enough people committed for this I will call and reserve a section for us, and see if we could at least get free drinks being that we will be in a large group.

I am just throwing the idea out at all our riders now to see if anyone is up for something like this. If you are up for this ride let me know. And also send me an email so I can shoot out a email to everyone about 2 weeks out as an reminder of the event. And give out more details my email address is (showcasefury@yahoo.com )

I hope to have a huge turnout. And I am also open for ideals you can email them to me, and I will come up with something and find someone to work with me in the Seattle area to help things work out smoothly.

If I see there could be a good turnout I will post the prospected rout which is subject to change to anyone with better ideas.

Also I hope to have flyers posted up at some local bike shops to get the word out to others.
Thanks. Please let me know if you are up for this ride.

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