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Mon Aug 15, 2005 1:59 am
Re: Two Weeks to the Pacific Coast Odyssey Ride (Aug. 26-Sept. 5)        

Things have come up to mess up my original plans to meet you for a bit, and/or to attend the Silver Creek Falls, meet.

I might be able to meet you around Arcata or between there and Bandon on your return trip.

Yesterday (8-13) I rode over to the coast on 199 and up 101 to Brookings. The roads in that stretch are in pretty good shape. Not sure if you know the local shortcuts, but one that saves you at least a few miles.

South of the California border turn left on 197. Its a nice road, good scenery, nothing real technical, a good "cooling off" ride. You will T-intersect with 199, turn left. Jedidiah Smith Redwoods SP is within a mile or two on the right. I would be at least legal in my speed around the park. On the way to the coast a CHP had some car pulled over with all the lights going. On the way back, the roadway was nearly abandoned.

When you are leaving, DO take 199 to where it joins 101...VERY twisty, very BIG trees, very wonderful scenery, just a beautiful ride in many ways. You won't be missing anything on 101 from the 197 turn-off and where 199 connects.

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