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Thu Aug 25, 2005 11:25 am
Thursday morning update        

I spoke with Duke at around 7:30 Pacific Time. He was in Washington State and headed back in the general direction of Denver. He had already gotten 3 bonuses this morning. The carburetor problem is still there, something will have to be done about that in Denver. The higher elevations should alleviate the situation somewhat.

There are not very many bonuses to get between central Washington and Denver, so today will be mostly riding. He'll be on I-90 for a good part of the day, so there should be reasonable cell phone coverage if anyone wants to call him.

Which brings me to the WARNING! The Iron Butt Association has asked several times not to reveal the bonus locations except in general terms. We also know that bragging about top speeds and the number of hours spent continuously riding could lead to problems later. That's why we've asked that Heather and I do most of the updates. If you speak to Duke and want to post about it here, please be careful about what you publish. As an example, on the first day of the rally, I posted about the water theme. That may or may not have been ok. But, mentioning Old Faithful was clearly NOT ok. Similarly, it's ok to mention whether Duke is ahead or behind schedule and how many miles he has done in this leg (as is done in Star-Traxx,) but details of how many hours or miles are on the schedule or how far he has ridden in the past x number of hours isn't correct.

If you speak to Duke, please call or email one of us before you post if what you say could possibly be a problem. Call Leon at 703-470-1167 or email either of us (we can't do email while traveling - so there may be a delay) if you have a question.

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