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Thu Aug 25, 2005 12:12 pm
Re: Duke has a carburetion question.        

agree with Vic, just turn idle adjustment screws 1/2 turn out, it should help. He is on the road, and adding washers would take at least an hour which he doesn't take. (Plus he probably in no condition to mess with it due to fatigue). I've been adjusting idle mixture withing 1/4 btw summer and winter, and the diff in air density is ~16%

on second thought what's wrong with using choke? just apply at idle enough to solve the problem and if engine is heatting up at cruising RPM (arrow on temp dial at 1/2) add more. Make mental note of the settings. This would solve his problem as I highly doubt he will run engine flat out to make main jet an issue.

Another thought (I believe he has pods): partially block them with ducktape.

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