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Thu Aug 25, 2005 1:51 pm
Stuff and Pics        

Ok, so I promised I'd have pics from the start on Monday... Well, when I got them developed, wouldn't you know that the CD won't open on any computers!!! I've got to take it back to the photo lab and see if they can fix it...

Duke sounded good when I talked with him a little while ago. He's looking forward to his ride today. He says it always feels good to turn towards home after heading away for so long... He's going to try not to waste too much time on the way to where he's going - keeping stops to a minimum.

He's having fun! That's what it's all about anyway... Each day he's out he gets more into the groove.

Weather is crisp, clear, and beautiful-great day for a ride. Beautiful scenery - he now understands "Washington Apples" after riding through about 50 miles of nothing but apple orchards!! He's also been astounded by how drastically different the landscape can be in such a short time.

As soon as I can get the CD corrected, I'll have a GRR pic and several others from starting morning up for your viewing pleasure. Smile

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