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Thu Aug 25, 2005 10:18 pm

When I first installed UNIs I had the carbs set to 105 with 3 washers and it ran great in all conditions. I went to a track with it, I rode all the way to the Deal's Gap. Sea level, 5000 feet over, summer, winter -- all was good.

However, after last valve adjustment, I got very similar symptoms what you describe for the Duke's bike. I didn't make connection with the adjustment procedure as I done that several times before with no ill effects. Anyway, I end up putting 108 and 5 washers. With 110 It felt a bit rich at the very top. With 108 and 5 washers it runs fine above 7K RPM. I do have to downshift more than before at speeds 70+ going up hill, but bike pulls fine. It pulled me and my son and camping equipment at the sea level and in NH/ME mountains with some power to spare. We were doing 75 mph indicated on freeway too. I have very tall gearing but I vaguey remember the bike having more power....

Dick Wolcott rode my bike last weekend and suggested that the valve are adjusted too loose. I plan to check that soon and see if I can restore my 105/3 washers settings back.


In case you need it, I have spare carbs setup with 110 and any number of washers you'd like.

For the record, I never had issues with UNIs and crosswinds, Although I run shorter UNIs I think 4"

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