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Fri Aug 26, 2005 12:39 pm
Re: Friday morning update.        

Just talked with Duke a little while ago... He also expressed feeling badly about cutting Rob's call short.

He's feeling really good today, too. Ready to get started on this next leg of the rally.

He's been seeing lots of antelope and a few deer, so he's really cautious when riding past them. Yesterday he got to see a lot of Bald Eagles and nests which was pretty exciting! Last night he saw it was 27 degrees! That's COLD for August!!! Thank goodness for heated vest, lined pants and heated grips.

His cell coverage is very sporadic and will be until he starts heading east. So, don't be surprised if the call breaks up a lot if you call him. It's great when he's in a wide open area, but as soon as he heads down a hill, or into a batch of trees, it goes away.

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