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Fri Aug 26, 2005 6:53 pm
Friday Afternoon Report        

Heathers report:

Well, Duke should be in Denver by now, hopefully napping happily. Smile

Alan and whoever else is there with him are working dutifully on all of the pit stop errands and making sure he's just as set for leg 2 as he was for leg 1. Alan said he's going to leave the carb adjustments to Duke as he's not as comfortable with that as he thinks Duke is.

Duke's seen many riders on their way back to Denver as well, and Alan said that there's already been a good-sized crowd show up.

He's really having fun! Smile

Here's hoping for such a smooth leg 2!

Leon's report:

Duke has arrived at the first Checkpoint. Alan is contemplating the rear tire (the original plan was to change it.) It looks good, not even square, the new tire has 5mm of tread, the old one has 4.5.

Duke has decided to leave the needles as is for now. If it starts acting up again, he'll raise them then. Alan will check the spark plugs and both of them will adjust the idle mixture screws.

Duke is turning in his scoresheets and checking in to the motel. Quite a few people are back, Alan estimates about 65 have made it. He knows about two that crashed, riders are fine, but they didn't make it back for the checkpoint. The Boss Hoss rider overslept and won't make it back.

The only two of the Star-Traxx riders that I can identify are Bob Mueller and Jim Owen. Both of those came down from Yellowstone today. Jim's route went past a lot of bonuses. If he was able to pick them up, he'll have a very good score.


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