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Sat Aug 27, 2005 12:15 am
Friday Evening        

Just talked to Duke... He's not in first place, BUT he's not in last, either...he's right around somewhere in the middle. Smile (Please only refer to any listings that may be posted on the IBR site for placings and standings.)

He sounds good, but he's ready for some sleep. He's off to nap now and will head out early Saturday morning on his way to the second checkpoint.

He just did a test-run on the bike after all the adjustments were made, and feels that it will ride just fine for him up to Maine. Leon will be there to assist in any further adjustments/replacements (air filter, etc) and then he'll be on his way back to Denver.

Please hold all calls for a little while and let him get some rest. Then feel free to resume calling tomorrow.

Off to my own restless sleep,

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