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Sun Aug 28, 2005 1:34 am
Re: Friday Evening (detailed account)        

Duke rolled in about 4pm, which sounded good for what mainatenance we had planned (change tire, change oil, and adjust carb needles and mixture screws). While he got his paperwork together and took it to the scoring table, I started to work on the bike.

I loosened everything up to remove the rear wheel, and then it started to sink in that the old tire didn't look any more worn than the new one. After grabbing the ruler I use for chain slack measurements, I was able to confirm that the tire had only worn .5mm in 4,000 miles. Leon called about that time, and I discussed it with him; our assessment was that it probably didn't need to be changed. After consulting with Duke, it became obvious that he wanted the extra .5mm margin. I changed the tire. Smile

The oil change didn't have much in the way of drama, other than one stubborn lower cowling screw, and making a funnel out of an oil filter box.

Per Leon's suggestion, I removed the spark plugs for inspection; the right one looked about right, but the left one showed signs of leanness (it was almost totally white). There weren't any signs of detonation (erosion, aluminum specks, or cracked porcelain) so I reinstalled the plugs (after Duke had a look at them also). Of course, since we didn't do a running engine cut, the plug condition really only indicated the mixture at idle, but that was one of the two regimes that Duke reported trouble with so it was valuable info nonetheless.

At this point Duke pulled the carb needles to add a washer to each; this was going quite well until we noticed that the right filter pod wasn't fully seated on the carb. After trying to reseat it, and being unsuccessful, we pulled the pods only to discover that the right one was split and fragmented where it contacted the carb throat. This occasioned a rather feverish exchange of ideas, at the end of which I went to the Wal-Mart across the street to find something (anything!) to glue it back together.

I came back with a tube of something, which promised in the package propaganda to be what we needed. With some careful application, we were able to stick the filter back together. After waiting about 30 minutes for it to set up, we reinstalled the filters. At this point we discovered that the damage had caused the I.D. of the filter base to grow by about 1/8", so it didn't seat firmly on the carb.

We knew that we couldn't cinch the clamp down too hard without risking tearing the glued-together filter apart, but then I noticed that there was only about 1" clearance between the pods and the battery, and wondered if we could wedge something in that space to put the pods in compression against the carbs (rather than the original tension which could stress the repair). Duke's suggestion was to roll up a shop rag and cinch it with cable ties. We did this, and also ran cable ties between the wedge and the upper frame rails to ensure it couldn't fall down and cause other problems.

By this time it was 8:45, and Duke left for the riders meeting while I reassembled the bike. When he returned, he adjusted the mixture screws, went for a 5 minute test ride, and proclaimed it cured.

In all, it took 5 hours to turn the bike around when we had originally planned on about 2, but I was just glad to know that Duke was able to ride off on a bike he felt confident on. Leon will have a chance to look over the bike in Maine; hopefully there won't be any new issues to address at that point, but he's absolutely the right guy to take care of any that pop up.

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