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Sun Aug 28, 2005 4:45 pm

After deciding to break away from his riding buddy, Duke is in Pennsylvania, heading toward New York. From there he'll head North to Maine.

As I was afraid of, team-riding slowed him down quite a bit.

He just came through Carlisle, PA, on his way to his next stop. MAN, those capital city highways are confusing!!! And to think I went to college right near there...Much has changed in 10 years.

Weather's hot and sticky, but no rain yet. He talked to Leon just a little bit ago, and sounds like he will be hitting some rain as he gets closer to NY.

Bike seems to be running just fine since the first check point changes. From what I can actually hear, it sounds smooth. Leon will be there to greet him at the Maine checkpoint with a new air filter to replace the broken one, and to do one more once-over before Duke heads back toward Denver.

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