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Tue Aug 30, 2005 12:10 am
Monday Night        

He's doing great! He's in Canada, and, like Payne said, as long as he's riding, (and remembers to take his ibuprophen) the pain is limited. It's when he has to get up and move around that he remembers that there's an issue there.

When he stops for anything, he makes sure to get all situated before putting his foot down - that way he's sure-footed.

The weather's been a little tricky...for about 2 hours he rode through rain and fog. Didn't sound like windy storms, just steady rain. It slowed him down a little, but when I just talked with him, it had cleared up and looks like it should be merely cloudy for a good while tomorrow. (He won't hit any of the Katrina remnants that are now starting to hit here in the Nashville, TN area.)

He'll be stopping soon for the night, and hopefully should be able to get some good rest for tomorrow's journey.


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