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Tue Aug 30, 2005 2:27 pm
MIK needs more vitamins for his memory. *I* remember several        

In case you're not a DIY'er, there are a few I can give you right away:
(if my memory is *really* good, Leon has a day-long half saddle on his rally bike, tho' it came off the ZX-6 and was made back when it was Russell-Mayer which brings me to the next two...) (RICK Mayer)
(I seem to remember there is something about all three of the above having been related/in buisiness with one anouter, but that's unimportant if all you want is a comfy saddle Smile )
(I don't really remember if they do custom saddles(and i know they don't have an EX250 model standard), but thought I would throw them in)

Last I knew, none of these guys had a basic model for our Ninjas that you could just call up and order. You pretty much have to send them a stock seat pan to be re-covered, some have service in which you ride in and they look at how you sit on the bike and supposedly make even that much more custom.

If you *are* a DIY type, here's some basic help with the project from our very own IanJ:

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