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Wed Aug 31, 2005 2:48 pm
Re: Dealing with francophones in Canada        

I backpacked solo in Europe for a summer, and Japan for a month. I'm well versed in the best language ever - pantomime.

I got through france with barely knowing more than:
merci (thank you)
bonjour (good day)
bonswa (sp) (good something else)
si vous plait (sp) (please)
je voudrais (i want...) (usually accompanied by a finger pointing at a croissant or menu item, and followed by svp)

i also knew how to say "how much is..", "train", "is there a room?" and a few other useful words/terms, but have forgotten those.

japan was even more fun, because you can't use knowledge of Latin root words to help you decipher stuff there. Wink

- John

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