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Thu Sep 01, 2005 12:42 am
Wednesday Night        

He's back in the good-ole' US of A! Smile

He had a nice old-fashioned McDonald's dinner with his aunt, uncle, and two cousins in MI, and he's feeling quite popular. While he was off the bike he had 6 missed calls... I wonder who they were Wink

Like I said before, he's having fun, and feeling good. Should be clear sailing all the way back to Denver now. Now that the weather's cleared up, he's almost sorry that it's over tomorrow. (notice I said 'almost'...)

However, it's not over yet, and definitely not time to relax. That comes at 8am Friday morning. That's the strange part of all of this. It's close to the end, but it's not done yet. It will be REALLY hard to turn the phone off tomorrow when I'm on the plane, but, I know he'll be in the capable hands of all of our faithful friends. Smile

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