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Thu Sep 01, 2005 1:43 pm
Germany was great!        

What a beautiful country. First time out of the US and it was a great experience. I went for my son's wedding and I have to say we were well received by my daughter-in-laws family and friends. In fact, they made us feel very special (the Americans that had travelled so far). It was a very long trip and being Diabetic, that complicated things for me. The six hour time difference, the 8 hours trip from JFK, food change, partying (boy, they really know how to party); all that threw my system off. I came back with a cold, sore ribs and in pretty bad shape. It was worth it though.

Yes, Germany was also wet. We had some flooding problems and spent 5 hours on A8 moving 5 kilometers to get to an exit somewhere between Munich and Frankfurt. Then we were totally lost. Thank God for GPS we had in our rental car. We left at 9:30 that morning and got an hour from the airport at 12 midnight. What an adventure. Once we got here we saw parts of A8 under water on CNN.

It breaks my heart to see the devastation Katrina has caused. Talk about feeling useless - I wish there was something I could do (besides pray). You know, from what you said in your previous post, I probably would have made a good English major. I love reading, I also go on and on in my post, and I don't mind being abit "off". It's what makes me interesting (as you are and I enjoy reading your post even if it's not about the Ninjette).

Thanks for taking the time to explain the name thing. I always appreciate it when someone teaches me something new. I guess what I really am is an eternal student of life.

EDIT: I just checked out BrianM's post and see he was with Duke and the Iron Butt Tour, not sure where he was headed though.

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