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Thu Jul 11, 2002 12:04 pm
Logistics ...        

If you go _maybe_ I'd ride with you, but I'd need to stop for gas every 2 1/2-3 hours. Smile I'd probably prefer to take the ferry to get there and ride back on smaller roads over a day and a half or two days enjoying the scenery along the way.

Starting October 1st the rates are:
$78/person, $35/motorcycle each way (10% off with round trip purchase)
A private room with two cots and a sink is $25.
Hop on the ferry in Porland, ME at 8pm, get off in Yarmouth, NS at 7am.

The ferry means you could leave home at 8am on a Friday and make it to Halifax by 10am Saturday with 8+ hours of sleep in a bed and only 650 miles on your ass ... or you can drive the whole way in 22 hours straight and then go hit the scenic twisties with drop offs into the ocean ... I know I'd pick the 650 mile day with sleep over the 1100 mile day without sleep, but I also know you're sick. Smile

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