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Thu Jul 11, 2002 1:22 pm
Re: Logistics ...        

Hmm, 500 miles or pay $78+35+12.50 or get a 10% discount if I do it twice. Sounds like an awful lot of money to make the trip 500 miles shorter.

If I go an extra 100 miles on top of the 1100, I can avoid another $20 in tolls by taking I-83, I-81 and I-84 rather than I-95 to Boston.

1200 miles at 60mph avg is 20 hours, leave home at 5 AM (got to get out ahead of traffic) arrive in Halifax at 1AM, get 7 hours of sleep (or more likely 2 hours of beer/talking and 5 hours of sleep,) then go ride the twisties.

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