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Tue Jul 16, 2002 7:57 pm
I put a 3 hp B&S engine on a Radio Flyer tricycle once        

I bought one at K-Mart, put pneumatic tires on it and the engine in the rear. Caliper brakes were added to the front wheel (which came off of a kid's scooter) and it had a twist-grip throttle from a mini-bike. When I assembled the frame, I did it upside down so to speak, so that it had a lowrider/chopper look.

Two other guys at my work also built trikes with different designs. One guy made his with a Radio Flyer in the traditional setup with a 4 hp Tecumseh engine hanging off the back. Another guy made his using the frame from a girls 20" bike and two swingarms from a couple old dirtbikes we had lying around. Since his was bigger it had a 5 hp B&S.

And yes...they were fast. Well, 10-15 mph feels fast anyway when you're 3-4" from the ground like mine was. I have some home movies of it, but no pics, or I'd post them. After I won the race between myself and the other 3 guys, I lost interest and took it half apart, but maybe this year I'll get it back together again. I actually had this crazy idea about filling a whipped cream cannister with nitrous oxide and running a hose to the intake of the carb. Not enough tricycles have NOS nowadays.

Anyway, just thought I'd share that experience. It was a fun little project so if anyone has any questions about making their own, lemme know and I'd be glad to help.


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