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Wed May 10, 2006 10:44 pm
Track Day/Racing Hints-n-Tips/Questions        

Keigwins@theTrack Student Documents

TrackDoD Novice Group Orientation

Ultimate EX250 Trackbike by Jim Race

Track Day Hints & Tips
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  • a) Make sure your gear is up to snuff. No cheap stuff.
  • b) Start hydrating two days before the trackday.
  • c) You're not racing. Learn the lines from the instructors or racers, and stay calm.
  • d) Remember to breathe. It's easy to forget sometimes.
  • e) Go with a friend, and don't even try and ride the bike there and back home. If you crash, you have no way to get home. If you
  • crash *and* get hurt, there's no way to get you and your stuff home
  • f) Bring some light food, tools, an air gauge and pump, a chair and more water than you think you'll need.
  • g) Make sure your tires are new or nearly so and of good (not stock) quality.
  • h) Drain and flush your coolant system and change it to straight water or water and 'water wetter'.

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