Mon Jul 16, 2007 9:41 pm
Re: 30K Miles on Replacement Engine in '88        

> But the problem may not be only getting the old one off and out,

You're right, even a drive chain is no match for a dremel tool. Although I don't cut them any more, I have decided from now on to only use low-mile chains + sprockets from crashed bikes. It's cheaper, although I have to drop the swing arm for chain changes. By the way, we discussed my swingarm rust a few years ago; I am happy to report that this spring, it was still okay and packed full of grease. Rather than the factory sewming machine oil, I used regular black moly grease. Possibly with a clay soap (Canadian Tire house brand).

> An even bigger problem would be could you get the new one back in there in one piece?

That's the million dollar question, isn't it?

Right there, that gear. If it can come off, or the chain can slip around it.??

Hmmm, I guess the other question is -- what is inside that cam chain well? Will the cam guide be in the way with the tensioner removed?

> The manual seems to assume you will dismantle the whole engine in the process
> of chain installation, or rather to be more exact, install the chain during the process
> of assembling the whole engine.

I was just theorizing with SwiftOne over hamburgers the other day... I think the manual was written by an engineer who build one or two of these bikes from the ground up... but never actually SERVICED one.

There are MANY tasks where they suggest doing "too much" work in my opinion. Like removing the radiator for a valve adjustment. Or removing both exhaust pipes, the shifter, the rear brake, and both foot peg stays to inspect the swingarm bearings.


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