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Mon Aug 20, 2007 7:52 pm
Alan is off and riding.        

I spoke with Duke around noon. Most of the more than 100 bonuses are east of St Louis. Two of the largest ones are in Canada.

The one at Goose Bay, Labrador requires an overall average of 48 mph. This would normally be possible for these riders, but it very much depends on the road conditions north of the Manic 5 dam. On a map of Canada, look for the lake that is shaped like the letter "O", the lake was formed by a meteor strike many millions of years ago, it wasn't discovered as such until the dam reservoir filled. The road is paved up to the dam, beyond that there is pavement near Labrador City and near Goose Bay. The rest is gravel. If the road is in good condition, riders that go there should finish very well. If the road is poor, those riders are unlikely to get back in time. If Iwere in this rally and riding the V-Strom, that would have been my choice for a route. My guess is that 5 or more riders will choose that direction. I sure hope Jim Winterer is one of them. I'd like to see him finish well.

The other big Canadian bonus is in New Brunswick. It's much closer and has lots of other bonuses that can be added to it. Many more riders will choose this one.

Alan has chosen a more conservative route for leg one. There are lots of smaller bonuses that stay inside the US and when added together can provide big points. In the next few days, we should watch the posts to see where Jim Owen went. Jim is very good at picking large points from a lot of little bonuses. If he doesn't go to New Brunswick or Goose Bay, then the standings at the end of Leg one will be very interesting.

Last weekend, I built a fuel tank for John Ryan. John isn't in the rally, but does have an 11 day ride planned. His goal is to set an 11 day distance record. He asked me to build a 13 gallon fuel tank for his FJR1300. If you've seen pictures from the start, John's bike is the blue FJR with the really large black bed-liner painted fuel tank. Good luck John.

Go Alan!

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