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Wed Aug 22, 2007 5:43 pm
Wednesday 8/22 Day 3 - Stolen GPS (With Pictures)        

Alan's GPS (Garmin Zumo 550) and Tank bag were stolen off his bike while he slept in Clarksville, IN (Louisville). His route today actually brought him through Nashville, so Andrew Duthie, Jaymee sharp and I went to work finding a solution. Andrew donated a Garmin 2610 and was able to quickly locate a RAM mount from a friend here in town, David Baker. The Zumo RAM mount base that integrates to his brake clamp bolts was broken off (The ball was broken in half), so we rigged up a U-bolt ram mount that worked perfectly with the 2610. Andrew cut off the end of his 2610 power cable and tied it into Alan's original Zumo power cable which had been cut off about where his ignition keys are.

Alan's planning to get on-line when he stops tonight to order another Zumo and have it shipped to the hotel for Friday. They also cut off the bite valve on his drinking tube, so I'll pick one up for him on my way up.

Through all this Alan's still basically on schedule - he was even a bit early into Nashville. Unfortunately his gas receipts were in his tank bag, so he's missing a couple. Good news is this year you don't automatically lose all of your gas log points if you make a single mistake, so he'll still get some of his log points.

The rest of the Nashville pictures are here.

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