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Thu Aug 23, 2007 8:06 pm
Thursday Report - Day 4 - Dealing with the heat.        

Alan called this afternoon. He's heading for Mobile, AL and Biloxi, MS then will be heading north for Memphis and on to St. Louis. He said the heat's been bothering him more than normal over the last couple days. It's brutally hot here in the mid-South. It was 102 when we saw him here in Nashville yesterday and it won't get much better until he gets north of TN/KY. Believe it or not, it's cooler down in Lower Alabama/Mississippi than it is here in Nashville/Memphis. Alan also has a bit of disadvantage as his drinking tube was damaged by the vandal. We'll get it repaired during the St. Louis pit-stop. He should get in to St. Louis at a decent hour tomorrow and will have a good bit of time to sleep and recover from the brutal ride.

He's lost a good bit of points with the lost gas receipts stolen and terrible riding conditions, but the good news is that the second leg will give him plenty of opportunity to make up ground. The point values for everything will increase dramatically. For instance, the 2005 rally winner Shane Smith earned 64% of his points in the last 4 days of the rally.

More later...

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