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Sat Aug 25, 2007 7:21 am
BMW Tent        

It was Bob Wooldridge, owner of BMW Atlanta who let us squeeze in under his cover - What a lifesaver! (Bob and I were both in the '05 rally) Michael and I spent about 3 hours working on Alan's bike - It was absolutely pouring while we were changing the rear wheel. Bob was gracious enough to let us borrow tools, supplies, whatever despite the fact we had a Kawasaki parked in his 'BMW of Atlanta' tent all afternoon. Bob was there supporting fellow Tennessean, Vicky Johnson's BMW-GS650. After we finished Alan's bike I stayed and helped him change Vicky's (tube) tires. Thanks again, Bob!

Alan looked good. He'll get a good night's sleep tonight, and his bike is back to 100% with fresh rear rubber and the new GPS. We also installed the tank bag side pockets that I had made for the 05 rally. They allow 2 full-sized Gatorade bottles to be stored on each side of the tank bag which can then be accessed while under way. It was a handy thing to have out in the Southwest where you need a LOT of liquid available.

Michael, Thanks again for all your help today. Team 250 rocked!

Gotta get to bed - I'll add more later. I also have a few pictures to post.


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