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Fri Aug 31, 2007 11:25 am
News from Ken Morton [edit]        

Check out the story about the NV State Trooper on Ken's blog. According to the LDRiders list, this exact event has happened to several riders this week.


[Edit] And then this appeared;

copied from the FJR Forum

From MTF the other side of a good cop story:

From: beerme (beermeplease) 3:22 am
To: ALL (1 of 23)


saw upwards of more than a dozen riders today (Wednesday). I told my
son before work that I was going IBR rider hunting, and I think I
bagged my limit. BUT... for those that know me, not in the way that
you?re probably thinking. Before work, I made a couple of hand printed
signs attached to a clipboard, and kept them handy on the passenger
seat. Oh yeah, I also had a spare IBA sticker (thanks, Tobie!) affixed
to the rear window in my patrol car, prominently displayed just below
the 3rd brake light. I didn?t have to wait but maybe an hour before the
first sighting. A little after 1pm, I saw a reddish Goldwing, licensed
out of Washington, passing traffic just east of the Carlin Tunnels. Ken
Morton, maybe? I flipped a U-ey (U-ie?), pulled up alongside of the
?Wing, rolled down the passenger window and flashed one of my signs
which read, ?SAY HI TO KNEEBONE FOR ME!? The rider was obviously
amused, and gave a big thumbs up. The other sign said, ?GOOD LUCK!?,
which resulted in another big thumbs up.

A few minutes later,
I spotted a FJR coming out of the tunnel. Similar reaction with both
signs there. I?m not 100% certain who it was, but from what I could see
through the helmet visor, the rider looked like Alan Barbic.

were a few more individual sightings throughout the afternoon; quite a
few of them were BMWs. I kinda wish I?d had the presence of mind to
make up a sign referring to final drive issues. Coulda shoulda woulda.

in the afternoon, I saw a long string of LD motorcycles way out east of
Elko. They were stretched out over the course of 3 miles or so. In
front, was a silverish Goldwing, which I suspect was Dennis Powell, but
I can?t be sure, since I never got up close enough to it. Overtaking
the train from the rear, I flashed the Kneebone sign to all, except for
the poor, heavily laden wee-Strom pilot bringing up the rear. That poor
guy was riding sideways, at about a 20? list, in a brutal right-to-left
crosswind, and I figured he didn?t really need the distraction. My
heart was with ya though, brah!

I made my way up the line, and
every single one acknowledged with a thumbs up or OK sign. They were
all behaving themselves, so I didn?t have a chance to chat with any of
them. Although... I was passing what appeared to be a GS model of some
sort (the one you?ve all seen pictures of, with the ?easy button? on
the dash), and the rider started making wild hand gestures. It wasn?t
until I got behind him that I realized he wanted me to pass again so
that he could get a picture of the sign. Too late... I was already
behind him with the rear flashing emergency lights on, and traffic was
beginning to come around on the left. So we pulled over to the right
shoulder and stopped. After a quick introduction (damned if I can
remember his name), he wanted to take a picture of me with the sign. I
asked to pose with his rally towel and he was happy to oblige. FAIR
WARNING: WHEN, not IF, that picture shows up somewhere on the net... oh
geez, how do I describe this??? *sigh* I?m gonna look like an even
bigger dork than I normally am. The wind was blowing like a sonuvagun
and I was trying to hold the rally towel & clipboard so that both
were visible, using both hands plus my chin. A recent bad haircut
doesn?t help matters. Plus, it seemed like it took an unusually long
time from pose to shutter, so I?m guessing my facial muscles were
getting a little impatient. There?s no telling what that pic is going
to look like! Guess we?ll find out together.

Shortly after
that, I gave up the hunt, as it would be getting dark soon. The last
few riders are likely through here by now. Good luck to all, and say HI
to Kneebone for me!

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