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Sat Sep 01, 2007 3:58 am
Alan, I'm sorry.        

AFAIK, I'm the last person who had access to the speedometer cable before it failed. We had time and it just did not occur to me to have quick look at something that is a KNOWN ISSUE on these bikes.

I discussed this with Erin and she pointed out that there is a method of closing a retail shop which guides one to touch *everything* that should be on/off/locked/moved into position/etc. Wish we had covered that ground some time before. Nothing like that will happen again.

Maybe this wouldn't have quite tipped the scales in your favor, but it just seems I should have done it. A learning experience, yes. I just wish it hadn't been for your IBR bid.

You must see the support we all share for the decision you made. Making the choice to end your rally and arrive home safe is worth more than the smallest bonus offered on the list. We salute you.

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