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Sat Sep 01, 2007 11:37 am
Re: Alan, I'm sorry.        

Eric R wrote:
AFAIK, I'm the last person who had access to the speedometer cable before it failed.

Not true. During my pre-rally prep (which included checking every fastener I could think of, and using most of a tube of blue Loctite) I pulled the headlight bulb you gave me and replaced it with a new one. I didn't think about it then, even though the cable on my yellow bike had rattled loose before.

And anyway, that didn't cost me the rally finish. In fact, even my lack of security consciousness didn't (although I certainly could have prevented it from being a problem). The fact that I didn't take my stuff inside, still doesn't make it right for some asshole to take it (in the same way that if you drop a wallet with $1000 in it, doesn't make it right for someone to take the money out of it).

In any case, the rally is long enough, and complex enough, there's no way to say that if everything went perfectly for 9 days, that something's not going to screw it up on the 10th. My problems just started early enough that they had the effect of removing the margin I needed to be able to adjust for happenings late in the rally.

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