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Thu Nov 15, 2007 12:03 pm
Re: Riding Pants        

They have abrasion resistance in the knees, but that's it. "Complete" riding pants would have abrasion resistance in knees, hips, and butt, and have hard armor at least in the knees. I know someone who had a road-rashed butt... not fun. As always, you have to pick your comfort level with risk, but I'd say find something with armor. "Draggin' Jeans" are similar, but have more abrasion-resistant panels if you're looking for jeans to ride in. And yes, denim will most likely fall apart at anything over 15-20mph, so you really do need the reinforced areas.


PS: Check the vendor reviews on this site for RideGear.com. I had a bad experience with them too, although they made it right after about 3 weeks.

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