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Sat Nov 17, 2007 1:04 am
I'll push the Olympia Airglides again...        

...really first rate materials, including stock CE knee armor, with pockets to allow height adjustment. Easy to get on and off over boots (true of the Firstgear too, I should think). I use mine daily through 3 New England seasons. If you want to try them, MotoLiberty is a very nice company to work with (as is NewEnough, of course).

There doesn't seem to be a standard for zippers. I have Marsee jackets and Olympia pants. One zips from the right and the other zips from the left. At least they each come with both halves of the zipper, so you can sew the extra half to the other garment. On my to-do list... I can check the zipper on the Olympia pants if that's useful to you.

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