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Tue Jan 08, 2008 1:38 am
Re: a couple of questions        

The point is they should have told me from day one that they would not be able to get any kind of settlement out of it. I was run over by a car in a parking lot. They are very hard to get a hold of when you have questions. They are very dishonest. And will screw you if they face a small challenge. They are suppose to be the attorney, not me, so why did they expect me to decide if I had a case or not? They will take any case offered to them, then after the "investigation" which takes about 5 months, they decide if they really want to take it. Stringing you along the whole way.

All I'm saying is go to a good lawyer if you get hit. There are non-scum bag attorneys out there. Law Tigers have scumbag written all over them.

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