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Thu Jan 10, 2008 3:22 pm
Lot's of valuable life lessons here.        

It's a shame you are learning them the hard way but then again, lessons tend to stick better that way. And what about your motorcycle insurance? You should be going through that and get what help you can from there.

You said you were run over in a parking lot. It depends on the parking lot but many lots have surveillance cameras. I strongly recommend you looking into that as you have no witnesses and you didn't file a report. And what injuries did you sustain to see 2 docs, 3x a week for four months? That sounds excessive to me (coming off a recent accident myself). How fast were you both going through this lot?

The accident may not have been your fault but you made the next mistakes - not filing the report and not reading the contract. I have to agree with Marylin here - you are the perfect target.

Btw, this is going to sound harsh but the best sex on earth isn't worth being a dumbass for. Your profile states you're 19 so the sooner you learn that lesson, the better your life will be in many regards.

Edit: I am not trying to be cruel. I am sorry you were injured. I know how traumatic a motorcycle accident can be. Many people on this board can relate. I just hope that you will come away from this a wiser person. My circumstances were very different but I am making sure I take my lessons learned to heart as I hope you do lest you be doomed to repeat them.

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