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Mon Nov 03, 2008 3:46 pm
Still opinion from me...        

The front end looks... odd. I'm talking about the space between the tire and the bottom triple. Some sort of fender, though minimal, would break up that starkness. And yeah, not a fan of the tail cowl. Looks like it is only the size it is for the battery (is that right?) I understand it was quick and out of a trash can, but maybe look into a physically smaller battery, a super capacitor, etc... depending on your starting needs. It'd sure cut Weight as well as bulk.

But yeah, I like it and where you're headed. Any plans to fill in the tank recess or create abs/fiberglass "wings" that screw in place? I've seen some Really nice wings before that made for a good place to mount turn signals and were still very minimalist.


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