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Wed Dec 24, 2008 12:01 pm
Good start!        

Reminds me of my fighter beginings.

A few thoughts for you if you're interested.

Fender: If you want a slimmer fender just look into cutting down your stock one. A coping saw and files/sandpaper will get you about anywhere you want to go.

A easy way to dress up the sides of the tank and add "wings" like Brian suggested is to just cut out part of your stock fairings. I've seen it done and wished I'd thought of it first.

For clipons/tank clearance, just weld a couple bolts onto the neck of the bike to be new steering stops, that'll keep your bars from hitting the tank. Clipons will decrease your steering radius, but only "limit" you at times like turning the bike around in tight spaces.

I love what you did with the air filter, how has it run for you?

And your Photoshop is almost identical to the one I just recently conjured up myself, I think I may head down that road eventually too.

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