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Sun Jan 25, 2009 11:13 pm
'Hard Miles' - an inside view of the Iron Butt Rally        

Intro teaser: http://www.apgvideo.com/ironbutt07/video.htm

This is the exciting documentary of the August 2007 Iron Butt Rally.
15 months in the making, this video shows what it takes to win and
lose the legendary long distance endurance motorcycle rally. 97
riders faced incredible challenges, never-ending rain, relentless
heat, and endless hard miles. This is the amazing saga of 11 long
days as they ride throughout North America. Hear the riders tell the
story and witness the joy and the heartbreak that is the Iron Butt

At one time, The Iron Butt Rally had a ?sit here, twist that!?
ideology which resulted in heroic miles to win. Now winning or
loosing the rally just might be determined before a leg is tossed over
the saddle. In the 2007 Iron Butt Rally, route planning, a reliable
ride, a proven top rider, and the key uses of communications and
outside support team was the winning combination. 66 minutes


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