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Mon Jan 26, 2009 11:12 pm
Maybe he is scared and had no choice but to take it        

Maybe someone big and scary threatened him.
He may have been undecided when the time came until a super secret asian agent bunnied I mean bullied him into taking it. They both may have been surprised by someone accidentally crunching up on them as the deed was being done. With this now becomming a syndicate there was no choice but to cover their tracks by hiding it in Ithaca amongst other places. Fear of Hickman style tracking devices the plaque was sent on the road until it could be buried deep but it returned full circle! with no choice but to come clean or destroy it. ( FYI squids nor squirrels nor fish destroy plaques )
This leads us to here the end of the road, the last gas, living La Vida Loca.
I think we all know who really could have master minded this fiasco


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