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Sun Feb 08, 2009 5:07 am
US 30 yes; I-80 no.        

I hadn't planned on starting in the West, but with a riding partner that might be a plan. I really could do w/o the area from Bend, OR to Mt Rushmore again, but it could be OK after all this time

I really am going to do the Blue Highways thing and try to stay away from freeways. That and the fact that I haven't been on a bike for an extended period of time at more than about 45 mph Smile (Good thing I edit everything; I originally typed '456 mph' Very Happy ).

Don't think it'll happen this summer. Will probably just do Oregon again. Wheels has invited me to Eugene for a ride, so we could have some kind of get-together around there. That's kind of a hike for you, though. We could camp out in my sister's back yard it Springfield Razz

We can make some long-range plans one of these days. That will, of course, involve someone buying me a bike and making sure it's in good enough condition that I can hop off the plane and onto the 250 Cheers

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