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Tue Mar 17, 2009 9:07 am
Remember... "There is NO replacement for displacement"        

Meaning that building muscle mass has a dramatically larger effect on body fat/control than any aerobic activity.

This is simply because muscle burns energy round the clock. The more muscle, the more energy consumption. Doing aerobic activity (which a very good thing and essential to a healthy life) only burns energy during the activity and shortly there after. I like knowing my body is still consuming energy at 4am when I'm sound asleep.

My wife didn't believe it till I got her to TRY. She was previously doing 1~2 hours most days of aerobic activity and getting no-where on weight change. 6 months of lifting weights and she lost all the weight she wanted (-ish, I think she wants 5 more gone, but she's hit the goal that was originally set), AND has muscle tone that she's very proud of.

Then again, 90% of weight control is in the diet. Eat processed crap and you're going to look/feel like crap.


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