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Sat Apr 18, 2009 11:57 pm
This just in: FBI ViCAP Profile of the offender. Tongue        


Familiarity with sites where plaque was photgraphed.

Drives a lot. Drives in a van or 4 door car, at least 3 years old, not well maintained, and drives conservatively.

Average or slightly higher intelligence.

Fetish for N250RC apparel.

Low self-esteem.

Small man.

Between his mid 20s and early 30s.

He is basically shy and has strong personal feelings of inadequacy --

Has a prior criminal history.

Did not go to GRR meet with the intentions of taking the plaque.

"He has felt that he has been 'burned' or 'lied to and fooled by M one too many times.' In his way of thinking, M is no good and cannot be trusted, and he feels M will prostitute himself for whatever reason, and when he sees M openly prostituting himself, this makes his blood boil."

Had nonviolent encounters with M that ended normally.

Has a strong interest in police work. He may have initiated contact with riders by posing as a police officer or other authority figure.

Raised by a single parent.

Does not "plan to put the plaque through some sort of ritual sexual act or body positioning"

He is an angry individual who demonstrates power over his victim.

Enjoys the publicity he is receiving.

A beer drinker and probably a smoker.

Is unemployed or chronically underemployed. When he does work he has a job requires more strength than skill.

An outdoorsman, recreational fisherman and hunter. Easy access to money and travels frequently abroad.

Not very neat or meticulous.

Possible strong religious feelings.


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