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Tue Oct 27, 2009 12:45 am
Re: Am I the only one who broke it in right??        

i did. for the first 800km i babied it, shifting no later than 5k rpm and allowing shift point to change 1000rpm every 100km after 500km. i redlined it once or twice between every 100km though so the engine wouldn't "forget"/be used to higher revs. usually u just take it easy the first 500 just to get everythin nestled in and ur good. its not necessary though. piston rings are already 90-95% set the day they leave the factory. but i'd rather do it for the sake of everything else.

but now i drive and rev like i want and when i want. 8000km in one year and not once did anything brake (without my tinkering). runs like a rolex.

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